Solar Physics

, Volume 269, Issue 1, pp 105–110 | Cite as

Resonant Absorption as Mode Conversion? II. Temporal Ray Bundle

  • Chris S. Hanson
  • Paul S. CallyEmail author


A fast-wave pulse in a simple, cold, inhomogeneous MHD model plasma is constructed by Fourier superposition over frequency of harmonic waves that are singular at their respective Alfvén resonances. The pulse partially reflects before reaching the resonance layer, but also partially tunnels through to it to convert to an Alfvén wave. The exact absorption/conversion coefficient for the pulse is shown to be given precisely by a function of transverse wavenumber tabulated in Paper I of this sequence, and to be independent of frequency and pulse width.


Waves, magnetohydrodynamic Waves, Alfvén Oscillations, solar 


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  1. 1.Centre for Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics, School of Mathematical SciencesMonash UniversityMelbourneAustralia

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