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STEREO Observations of Energetic Ions in Corotating Interaction Regions During the May 2007 Solar Events

  • R. BučíkEmail author
  • U. Mall
  • R. Gómez-Herrero
  • A. Korth
  • G. M. Mason
Open Access
STEREO Science Results at Solar Minimum


Elemental composition and energy spectra of ∼ 0.1 – 1.0 MeV/n heavy ions were analyzed in two corotating interaction region (CIR) events starting on 18 May (CIR1), and 24 May (CIR2), 2007, that occurred during two weak solar energetic particle (SEP) events. The data were taken by the Suprathermal Ion Telescope (SIT) instruments onboard STEREO-A and B. The ion intensity increases related to the CIR2 were much more pronounced compared to those associated with the CIR1, although the total pressure, the magnetic field magnitude and the speed difference between high and slow solar wind were less enhanced. We found that the ratio of CIR2 to CIR1 helium fluence decreases with energy as a power – law below ∼ 1 MeV/n. The energy spectra of hydrogen and helium inside the CIR2 region are much softer compared to the spectra observed in the CIR1 region. Based on these findings, we argue that the larger intensities in the CIR2 event could be due to an additional source population. The elemental abundances in CIR2 and the high-speed stream of the CIR1 region have a SEP-like composition. The energy spectra of hydrogen and helium inside the CIR2 were close to the preceding SEP event spectra. The similarity in the elemental abundances and in the spectral slopes suggests that the seed population of CIR2 are ions from the preceding SEP event. For the CIR1 event the ions seem to be contaminated by SEPs.


Energetic particles, abundances Flares, energetic particles 


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