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Enhanced p-Mode Absorption Seen Near the Sunspot Umbral – Penumbral Boundary

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We investigate p-mode absorption in a sunspot using SOHO/MDI high-resolution Doppler images. The Doppler power computed from a 3.5-hour data set is used for studying the absorption in a sunspot. The result shows an enhancement in absorption near the umbral – penumbral boundary of the sunspot. We attempt to relate the observed absorption with the magnetic-field structure of the sunspot. The transverse component of the potential field is computed by using the observed SOHO/MDI line-of-sight magnetograms. A comparison of the power map and the computed potential field shows enhanced absorption near the umbral – penumbral boundary where the computed transverse field strength is higher.

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Correspondence to Shibu K. Mathew.

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Helioseismology, Asteroseismology, and MHD Connections

Guest Editors: Laurent Gizon and Paul Cally.

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Mathew, S.K. Enhanced p-Mode Absorption Seen Near the Sunspot Umbral – Penumbral Boundary. Sol Phys 251, 515–522 (2008).

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  • Solar oscillation
  • p-Mode absorption
  • Sunspot