Solar Physics

, Volume 237, Issue 2, pp 297–319

Moving Magnetic Features in and out of Penumbral Filaments



A time sequence of high-resolution SOHO/MDI magnetograms, Dopplergrams, and continuum images is used to study the moving magnetic features (MMFs) in and out of penumbral filaments. Precursors of MMFs have been observed inside the penumbral filaments. One hundred and fifteen out of 127 well-observed individual MMFs in the moat of two sunspots have been identified to have precursors at an average distance of 4″ inside the penumbral filaments. The velocity of these precursors is small inside the penumbral filaments and becomes large once the MMFs cross the outer penumbra. The paths followed by the MMFs exhibit large fluctuations in their magnetic field strength values, with an additional hike in the fluctuations near the outer penumbra. It is also observed that the path followed by the MMFs appear as a cluster of fibrils which could be traced back inside the penumbra. The appearance of MMFs and their azimuthal velocity is position and time dependent.


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