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Average Weekly Time Spent in 30 Basic Activities Across 17 Countries

  • Kimberly Fisher
  • John RobinsonEmail author

These condensed tables of weekly time in 17 countries are adapted from a larger set of daily time tables prepared by the archive staff at the University of Oxford, with contributions from Neuma Aguiar (Brazil), Kwang Yung Choo (Korea), Arnaldo Mont’Alvão (Brazil), Luiz Neubert (Brazil), and Tetsuaki Sato (Japan). These countries include the Western European countries of Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden; the Eastern European countries of Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia; the Asian countries of Japan and Korea and the American sites of Brazil and the United States.

These tables are divided into three, the first for average weekly time spent for men, the second for women and the third for both sexes together. The tables have summary averages for seven broader categories of activity split by weekdays, weekend days, and then summed for all days. By collecting a random sample of days across a random sample of the population, time-diary...


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