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On Adding Affect to Time-Diary Accounts

  • William MichelsonEmail author

The longstanding structure of time-budgeting and time-use analysis makes possible an understanding of affect in a number of mutually reinforcing ways. The extent that this possibility is realized depends on strategies that researchers choose to utilize. Here is a list of some of a few paths towards the consideration of affect arising from the typical time-use survey.

Messaging Disaggregated Data

It is increasingly common for researchers to take summary durations of total time devoted to one or more activities in the day and to apply statistical techniques to determine personal or structural variables that “explain” the dependent variable(s) at significant levels. This involves plentiful digits as input and receiving a few strategic outputs. It becomes difficult to assess by these means the dynamics linking the various variables in the analytic model.

In contrast, the interests of understanding affect are optimized by also disaggregating the analysis—assessing univariate distributions,...


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