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Experimental Study on 3D Drainage System in Treatment of Dredger Fill

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Prefabricated vertical drains with vacuum preloading is widely used in accelerating consolidation of dredger fill. Based on the property of ultra-soft soil and engineering demands, this paper proposes a 3D drainage system comprising a new-type drainage. First, the structural features, working principle, and construction technology of the 3D drainage are explained, and field test at dredger fill treatment project is used to verify the feasibility of the method. It is found in the field test that in contrast to the traditional plastic sheet drains, the 3D drainage system reduces the duration of vacuum preloading by 50% and increases the soil vane shear strength by 30%, producing good test results.

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Correspondence to Geng Chen.

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Translated from Osnovaniya, Fundamenty i Mekhanika Gruntov, No. 4, p. 40, July-August, 2016.

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