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Limiting soil resistance to the transverse displacement of a pipeline

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The problem of the limiting resistance of soil to the transverse displacement of a shallow pipeline, which is directed at an arbitrary angle to the horizon, is discussed. The problem is solved by the variational method on the basis of which slip lines in the form of logarithmic spirals, which limit the body of soil uplift onto the surface. Recommendations for practical accounting of the indicated limiting resistance in the form of a two-term formula, tables, and diagrams for calculation of its coefficients are given for the case of a horizontal loading. This solution can, however, be used to determine the bearing capacity of plate anchors used in port construction. The problem of the limiting resistance of a soil to the transverse displacement of a pipe (anchor, pile) in the case of deep embedment, when there is no uplift onto the surface, but “cut through,” is examined separately.

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Correspondence to V. G. Fedorovskii.

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Translated from Osnovaniya, Fundamenty i Mekhanika Gruntov, No. 3, pp. 2–9, May–June, 2009.

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