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Control volume method for hydromagnetic dynamos in rotating spherical shells: Testing the code against the numerical dynamo benchmark



Hydromagnetic dynamos in rotating spherical shells are investigated using the control volume method. We present a validation of our code against the numerical dynamo benchmark. It is successfully benchmarked and we are able to conclude that the control volume method is another numerical method available for numerical modelling of self-consistent dynamos. In addition, the efficiency of our numerical code is tested. Computations provide conclusions that dynamo codes based on the spectral methods are much more efficient than our code based on the control volume method at the study of global fields on small and medium size parallel computers. However, our code could be much more efficient than codes based on the spectral methods on very large parallel computers, especially at the study of turbulence.

Key words

hydromagnetic dynamos control volume method numerical dynamo benchmark efficiency of parallelization 


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  1. 1.Institute of GeophysicsAcad. Sci. Czech RepublicPraha 4Czech Republic

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