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Of Straddlers and Rebels: Growing Gender Diversity Among Millennials Is a Fact

Where the Millennials Will Take Us: A New Generation Wrestles with the Gender Structure. By Barbara J. Risman. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. 376 pp., $99.00 (cloth); $24.95 (paper). ISBN: 9780199324392
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Much has been written about “Gen(eration) Y,” typically defined as emerging adults born between the 1980s and early 2000s, also referred to as “millennials.” In the United States, descriptions of millennials have ranged from the self-centered Generation Me (Twenge 2014) to a community-focused, civically engaged generation that has helped establish new social movements, critically re-energized the country, and created a Millenial Momentum (Winograd and Hais 2011). Barbara Risman addresses a glaring gap in this ongoing debate by centering gender as an axis of analysis in the millennial experience. Her guiding research questions are: How is the gender structure understood today by the millennials? Are gender revolutions that have been sparked by the second women’s movement of the 1970s still blooming? Are we facing a retrograde political phase as conservative backlashes smother all attempts at gender innovation?

Gender structure in this context is not just a phrase, but also a nuanced,...


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