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What Rights Are Human Rights and Who Gets to Choose?

Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: Core Issues and Cases. By Andrew Fagen, Edinburgh, UK, Edinburgh University Press, 2017. 253 pp., $39.95 (Paperback), ISBN: 978-1-4744-0118-0
  • Shannon Solie
Book Review

While I read Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: Core Issues and Cases,in the United States, Hurricane Harvey had Texas underwater; the Environmental Protection Agency was (and is) being stripped of its powers; and climate change is being denied by the highest-ranking officials, including the President. The President released a Twitter statement of his intent to ban transgender people from serving in the military; nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea escalated; and a counter-protester was murdered by a White supremacist protester, which sparked a national debate about hate groups. Internationally, terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Finland left many dead and wounded, floods in India left over one thousand people dead, and mudslides in Sierra Leone killed over one thousand people. In the context of these world events, Fagen’s book provides a welcome examination of human rights and offers interdisciplinary and thought-provoking discussion for...

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