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Feminist Perspectives on Family Relationships: Part 2


In Part 2 of the three-part collection about feminism and families, we bring together five different articles demonstrating the diversity of this field of study. This issue includes authors from six different disciplines and three national backgrounds. Studies in this issue include data collected from participants in different continents (Asia, Europe, North America), with different family roles (e.g., daughters, intimate partners, families), through different moments in time (e.g., longitudinal studies). Participants in the studies are also diverse in their sexual orientation, religious background, and socio-economic. Theoretical approaches to examine the topics of study in this issue vary from classical gender theories to intersectionality and include integrations of specific feminist approaches with other radically different theories in the social sciences. Methods of research are also diverse, including one critical review article, one in-depth qualitative study, and three sophisticated quantitative analyses.

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  • Families
  • Family relationships
  • Feminist theory
  • Intersectionality
  • Power