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How Computing Became a Man’s World

Gender Codes: Why Women Are Leaving Computing. Edited by Thomas J. Misa, Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010. 306 pp. $29.95 (softcover). ISBN: 978-0470-59719-4
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Book Review

The declining representation of women in computing has been an area of national concern, as exemplified by the significant investments that organizations such as the National Science Foundation have made to interest girls and women in the profession (p. 7). In this highly convincing book, the IEEE Computer Society has brought together a number of historians and practitioners to try to understand how and why this happened. In a series of wide-ranging and informative essays, the accomplishments of women in the early days of computing are recognized, and the change in the computing culture that led to a decline in the number of women in the profession is examined. Although my comments focus largely on the American experience, it should be emphasized that the essays cover a number of countries. The lessons to be drawn are, however, largely the same. Unlike science disciplines such as engineering and chemistry, computing initially was much more welcoming to women and women responded in...

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