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Development and Challenges of Female Employment and Gender Attitudes in the Baltic Countries

Female Employment, Gender Roles, and Attitudes: The Baltic Countries in a Broader Context. By Akvile Motiejunaite, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University, Sweden, 2008. 141 pp. (paperback). ISBN: 978-91-85445-84-4
  • Nijole Petkeviciute
Book Review

Gender roles and gender attitudes are an important topic now as the Baltic countries have gained independence and develop market economies. Research on female employment is especially timely and interesting within this broader context.

Akvile Motiejunaite begins her book by discussing the typologies of gendered work patterns and proposes a conceptualization involving three dimensions: female employment, care services outside the family, and caring work in the family. She defines caring work as comprising both the economic and non-economic activities needed to meet the needs of dependent children and adults. The division of caring work into its macro and micro levels is an interesting and important contribution. At the institutional framework level, the author defines a variety of gendered work patterns across three dimensions: female employment levels (female labour supply); macro level (care services provided by state, market and voluntary organizations) and micro level (care in the...

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