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Don’t Judge a Handbook by its Cover (or Title)

Handbook of the Evolution of Human Sexuality. Edited by Michael Kauth, Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press, 2006. 395 pp. $50.00 (paperback). ISBN-10: 0-7890-3508-1
  • Sarah E. Hill
Book Review

Evolutionary psychology seeks to synthesize fundamental principles of evolutionary biology with modern psychological theories, leading to testable hypotheses about the design of the human mind. The success of evolutionary psychology as a meta-theoretical framework for building conceptually-integrated scientific models of psychological phenomena—especially those associated with human sexuality—makes the idea of a Handbook of the Evolution of Human Sexuality a prospect that is a long time in the coming. The Handbook of the Evolution of Human Sexualityedited by Michael Kauth, was assembled to present the newest theories and research regarding human sexuality from an evolutionary perspective. Additionally, the volume aimed to clarify terms and hidden assumptions that so often infuse scholarly writing in the sciences. Kauth emphasized these two goals at the advent of the volume, stating a desire to serve the needs of an intended audience of sexuality researchers and scholars who are...


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