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Authenticity, Identity, and Embodiment: The Struggle for Inclusion in Lesbian Space

Challenging Lesbian Norms: Intersex, Transgender, Intersectional and Queer Perspectives. Edited by Angela P. Aragón, Binghamton, New York, Harrington Park Press, 2006. 270 pp. $19.95 (paperback). ISBN-13: 978-1-56023-645-0
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  • Sharon G. Horne
Book Review

This thought-provoking text, Challenging Lesbian Norms: Intersex, Transgender, Intersectional and Queer Perspectives, should be required reading for gender and queer studies courses, lesbian reading groups, and for researchers headed to the Michigan Womyn’s Festival. Telling the story of exclusion within marginality, these voices draw out current conceptualizations of lesbian community and female embodiment and challenge contemporary feminist constructions of female-ness. The book makes a compelling case for the power and value of trans identities and their connection to lesbian and feminist identities and communities.

We are writing this review as lesbian-identified academics in clinical and counseling psychology who conduct research on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered (GLBT) and gender issues and teach these subjects. Through the review we will use Eli Green’s (2006) definition of the term ‘trans’ to refer to anyone whose gender identity is not aligned with their assigned sex. Ch...


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