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Evan Stark, Coercive Control—Revitalizing a Movement

Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life. By Evan Stark. New York, New York, Oxford University Press, Inc., 2007. 452 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-515427-6. $35.00
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In Coercive Control, a book of tremendous import to anyone working with the issue of domestic violence, Evan Stark does not introduce entirely new ideas. Instead, he amplifies and expands what has long been understood as central to the experience of abuse in personal relationships, but over time has been marginalized in our work and in our thinking. The domestic violence revolution transformed society’s standards for acceptable behavior in relationships. But its focus on physical violence, born of its effectiveness in drawing attention and resources, has taken us away from women’s true experience of which bodily injury is only one piece. The evolution of research, theory, intervention and advocacy has been tied to this focus on physical violence, and has led to the current state of affairs: the revolution is “stalled,” and efforts in all spheres that are meant to stop violence against women do not fit the majority of victims, and do not address the true scope of the...


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