Sex Roles

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  • Irene Hanson Frieze

Although I officially became editor with the January 2007 issue of Volume 56, all of the papers until now in this volume were accepted under the previous editor, Joan Chrisler. With this volume of Sex Roles, we now begin to publish articles that I have worked with extensively. The previous editor has made my transition go as smoothly as it possibly could. Her help is consistent with the excellence she has shown throughout her editorship. The field owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Joan for her dedicated work as editor for the last 5 years. We have been writing to authors with remaining papers she had worked with in order to complete the review process with these papers as quickly as possible. Most of these are in press now or close to being there.

I am honored to be the new editor of Sex Roles. As the fourth editor of this outstanding journal, I am following some very impressive women who have served as the previous editors. Under Joan’s editorship, Sex Roleshas continued to be...


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