How to Escape the Insignificance of Life?

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Book Review

Book Review

Massimo Leone. 2019. The Significance of Insignificance: The Loss of Meaning in the Post-Material Age. Trans. into Chinese by Zhenglan Lu, Junxin Li, and Lan Huang. Sichuan University Press, Chengdu, China. 250 Pages. ISBN: 978-7-5690-3001-3

Signs are to carry meanings. There are no signs that do not carry meaning. Semiotics studies the meaning of signs, and the signs of meaning too. So, in what sense can we say that there are signs that are “insignificant”, and in what sense those signs are still signs but depleted in some way? According to Charles Sanders Peirce, “Nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign” [1] (1: 2–308). If so, there must be qualified signs, and somewhat not that qualified ones, or there are degrees of meaningfulness of signs. No one in the history (or the pre-history) of semiotics has ever made such a suggestion.

Now, with his highly enlightening new book, Prof. Massimo Leone (University of Turin/Shanghai University) offers a convincing...



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