Lucy Pickering, Eric Friginal and Shelley Staples (eds): Talking at Work: Corpus-Based Explorations of Workplace Discourse (Communicating in Professions and Organizations)

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Comprising eleven in-depth research studies, “Talking at Workplace: Corpus-Based Explorations of Workplace Discourse” is a valuable volume for understanding features of communication in professional settings. Unlike books on similar topics, this volume is not limited to office-based workplace communication. It encompasses call center workplace discourse and healthcare discourse.

The introduction part briefs the complete structure of the whole volume. The chapters are categorized into three broader sections, (i) office-based discourse, (ii) call center discourse and (iii) healthcare discourse which facilitate understanding for the readers. Moreover, in this part, the editors refer to the importance of ever-widening popularity and importance of corpus-based analysis of discourse. They further introduce a number of specialized corpora used by the contributors of this volume for their studies. Other than the commonly used corpora of discourse such as British National Corpus (BHC), American...

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