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Validating the Sexual Adjustment and Body Image Scale (Sabis) with Breast Cancer Patients

  • Elvan Özalp
  • Ersin Hatice Karslıoğlu
  • Ömer Aydemir
  • Haldun Soygür
  • Burcu Manisali Erkek
  • Seda Ersoy Peker
  • Semra Ulusoy Kaymak
Original Paper


The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the Sexual Adjustment and Body Image Scale (SABIS), a self-report measure of body image and sexual adjustment for use with Turkish patients with breast cancer. We administered the SABIS to one hundred sixty-nine women who had undergone initial surgical treatment for primary breast cancer. The psychometric properties of the SABIS were examined, and it was found to be a reliable and valid assessment of body image and sexuality in patients with breast cancer following surgery; however, it did not cover all dimensions representing patients’ sexuality and body image. Patients’ sexual problems need to be assessed more comprehensively, using more culturally sensitive items.


Body image Breast cancer Sexual adjustment Sexual Adjustment and Body Image Scale (SABIS) Turkey 



We thank Professor Leyla Welkin, a native English speaker, for her help with the translation of the SABIS into the Turkish language.

Conflict of interest

The author declares that the authors have no conflict of interest.


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