Sexuality and Disability

, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 71–82

Vaginal Dryness Problems Among Southeastern Women Aged 40–65 Years in Turkey

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DOI: 10.1007/s11195-012-9265-5

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Kısa, S. & Özdemir, N. Sex Disabil (2013) 31: 71. doi:10.1007/s11195-012-9265-5


The aim of this study was to investigate vaginal dryness (VD) problems among 40–65 year old married women in Southeastern Turkey and its effect on their sexuality and health. A cross-sectional study was conducted with 281 women aged 40–65 via face-to-face interview. The results of the study showed that participating women feel that they lose their sexual functions as a result of VD problems. Reported sexually related problems were as follows: decreased sexual desire was identified in 14 % of women, sexual coercion by her partner in 20.6 %, trouble receiving sexual pleasure in 54.4 %. The incidence of VD was found to be 47 %. About 8.9 % of the women stated that their partners complain about the dryness all the time, 73.6 % of the women did not take any action to improve dryness in order to facilitate sexual intercourse. Statistically significant relationships were found between a woman’s having VD and violence from her partner, sexual coercion by her partner, and decrease in sexual desire and sexual pleasure (p < 0.05). It is recommended that women who are in menopause or during transition stages be routinely assessed for VD and sexuality by nurses or physicians in a professional atmosphere in order to help relieve discomfort.


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  1. 1.Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health SciencesGazi UniversityAnkaraTurkey
  2. 2.Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health SciencesGaziantep UniversityGaziantepTurkey

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