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A General Review of Recent Reports on Homosexuality and Lesbianism

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This review deals with the most recent reports on male homosexuality (H) and lesbianism (L). The reviewer checked the most recent 1000 articles in the Internet’s Medline to report the major new findings in H and L. First discussed is the presumed etiology or cause, including the “maternal immunization hypothesis” and the evidence for both genetic and environmental factors. Next the prevalence in various countries is reported. The related diseases include HIV+, syphilis and other venereal diseases. Factors like drug involvement, unprotected anal sex, casual partners are included, as is suicidal ideation, violence, child molestation and changes in sexual orientation over time. The goal of this review is to make available to all readers the most recent reports on H and L so that pre-existing problems and any new disorders that have arisen can be better understood and that attempts at their solution can be pursued.


Homosexuality Lesbianism Bisexual Casual sex Unprotected sex Venereal disease HIV+ 


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