Sexuality and Disability

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The Human Sexual System in the Context of the Health Sciences

  • Carmen López-SosaEmail author
  • Rafael Roldan Tévar


Before the lack of systematic sexual formation in the medical curriculum, we propose a sexual model based on the theory of the systems of Bertanalaffy, originator of the organisation of the paradigm of the sciences in the 20th century. A proof of it is that of medicine, abandoning the term apparatus to utilise systems, a concept that implies interrelationship, equilibrium and biogenesis, articulating its knowledge in locomotive, respiratory, digestive, excretory, circulatory endocrine, nervous and reproductive systems etc, The absence of the Sexual System is responsible for the scarcity of economic and research investment in the biological dimension of sexuality. Indeed, it does not exist as material on the page of knowledge, Throughout the article we present the anatomical subsystems that comprise it, the laws of the system and its ends. Its incorporation as a system would make obligatory instruction in sexuality, contribute to the advance of biological research and to assistance. It would end with the concept of quality to be constitutive and determinant of the human.


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