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Expected, observed and relative paper scores from heterogeneous author-paper-citation networks

  • Gangan PrathapEmail author


We explore a dual score system that simultaneously evaluates the relative importance of authors and their papers from a given author-paper-citation heterogeneous network. An observed, or actual citation score for each paper is known at the paper–paper citation matrix level. From an author score obtained from an author–author citation matrix, it is possible to derive separately, an expected score for each paper. The ratio of observed to expected scores is an author based relative paper score for each paper. If the aggregation is journal based, then based on journal scores, one can derive in the same manner, expected, observed and relative paper citation scores. It follows that field based aggregation will lead to a similar family of field based paper scores.


Heterogeneous networks Author scores Expected paper scores Observed paper scores Relative paper scores 


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