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EU27 and USA leadership in fruit and vegetable research: a bibliometric study from 2000 to 2009


We performed an analysis of published literature related to fruit and vegetable and indexed in the Web of Science®, covering the period 2000–2009. The EU27 and the USA are the two leading actors in terms of number of fruit and vegetable articles published. This paper compares their publication outputs using bibliometric methods. We assessed the fruit and vegetable species, topics (from Web of Science® categories), countries and institutions involved. The top species, topics and institutions are ranked according to their number of publications. Collaboration networks between countries were mapped to visualize the intensity of the relationships involved in international fruit and vegetable research and to obtain an overall picture of the fruit and vegetable research landscape. These results can be useful for policy makers.

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The authors would like to thank Christian Huyghe (Agriculture Scientific Direction, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Inra)) for his encouragements and effective search for sources of funding.

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Correspondence to Marie-Violaine Tatry.

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