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How to rank if you must: two useful guiding books

  • András Schubert

Stefanie Haustein, Multidimensional Journal Evaluation. Analyzing scientific periodicals beyond the impact factor. Knowledge & Information Series, Berlin: De Gruyter/Saur, 2012. Hardcover: 408 pages, ISBN-10: 3110254948, ISBN-13: 978-3110254945.

There might be several reasons for someone to write a book. One of the possible motivations is the frustration caused by the desperate attempts to find a comprehensive overview of a topic, where one feels there should be one. I have no specific reason to think that this was the main motivation of the author of this book (or even that it played any role), but one thing is sure: she certainly spared the trouble for the next academic generation (i.e., for the next 4–5 years) perforce writing one.

The book gives a thorough yet readable account of the past, present and probable future of journal evaluation, this very complex and multipurpose endeavor, which is all too often reduced to one single linear dimension: that of the impact factor.

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