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Identification of referencing and citation processes of scientific journals based on the citation distribution model



In this article, we firstly analyze the referencing process and the citation process of a scientific journal in theory, and find that the observed referencing or citation process includes the diffusing process and the aging process of cited literature and the publishing process of citing literature, thereby it is illuminated why the identified average publication delay \( \left( {\bar{T} = T_{s} + \tau } \right) \) was longer than the observed value. Secondly, we compare the transfer function model of the observed citing process with other classical citation distribution models and find that the model is superior to others. Finally, using the model, we identify parameters of actual referencing and citation processes from data of age distributions of references and citations of 38 journals of neurology and applied mathematics in JCR, respectively; and then compare differences of identified parameters and obtain some interesting conclusions.


Referencing and citation processes Citation distribution model Identification Publication delay 


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