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Sustained impact of publications of C.V. Raman



C.V. Raman is being acknowledged by worldwide physics community for his classic works. The present study has made an effort to analyze how much impact in number of citation receiving for his publications. Of course, there was a lack of tools for such a study some years back. The study has limited to the database Science Citation Index for the period 1982–2005. The noteworthy results are: One third of his research papers have been cited at least once; The research papers published during 1918–1940 could make remarkable impact; Three of his papers have shown an upward growth in number of citations receiving; The total citations to papers of age 46 and 54 as on the year 1982 accounted for more than 50 per cent of the total citations received; Research works in the ‘Acoustics’ area have been cited more than any other area of his works; Eponymal citations are to be explored and analysed to understand the real impact of his works.


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