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Bibliometric analysis - A new business area for information professionals in libraries?

Support for scientific research by perception and trend analysis
  • Rafael Ball
  • Dirk Tunger


Supplying library users with literature by a seamless linking of media is the goal of (scientific) libraries. By the digitization of primary and secondary data and the convergence of products and providers, libraries have already come very close to achieving this ideal. A digital library is the realization of this goal. However, many librarians are in danger of running out of imagination. What will come after the digital library? Will information professionals still be needed? What services can libraries offer? Bibliometric analysis is an example of new business areas in libraries. This paper will discuss what shape this service could take in practice, who needs it and what target groups exist in the scientific environment. Concrete examples of bibliometric analysis from the Central Library of Research Centre Jülich will round off the overview.


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  • Rafael Ball
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  • Dirk Tunger
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  1. 1.Research Centre Jülich, Central Library
  2. 2.Research Centre Jülich, Central Library

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