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Bibliometric monitoring of research performance in the Social Sciences and the Humanities: A Review

  • Anton J. Nederhof


This paper addresses research performance monitoring of the social sciences and the humanities using citation analysis. Main differences in publication and citation behavior between the (basic) sciences and the social sciences and humanities are outlined. Limitations of the (S)SCI and A&HCI for monitoring research performance are considered. For research performance monitoring in many social sciences and humanities, the methods used in science need to be extended. A broader range of both publications (including non-ISI journals and monographs) and citation indicators (including non-ISI reference citation values) is needed. Three options for bibliometric monitoring are discussed.


Social Science Research Performance Citation Analysis Citation Behavior Performance Monitoring 
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  • Anton J. Nederhof
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  1. 1.Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), Leiden University

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