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Fatal attraction: Conceptual and methodological problems in the ranking of universities by bibliometric methods

  • Anthony F. J. van Raan


A system of input, output, and efficiency indicators is sketched out, with each indicator related to basic research, applied research, and experimental development. Mainly, this scheme is inspired by empirical innovation economics (represented in Germany, e.g., by H. Grupp) and by “advanced bibliometrics' and scientometrics (profiled by van Raan and others). After considering strengths and weaknesses of some of the indicators, possible additional “entry points' for institutions of information delivery are examined, such contributing to an enrichment of existing indicators. And to a “Nationalökonomik des Geistes', requested from librarians in the twenties of the last century by A. von Harnack.


Entry Point Methodological Problem Experimental Development Information Delivery Efficiency Indicator 
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  • Anthony F. J. van Raan
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