The Physicist as Gulliver Traveling the Matrix

Vlatko Vedral (2018) From Micro to Macro: Adventures of a Wandering Physicist, ISBN 978-981-3231-40-5, pp. 192, $28.00 USD (paperback)
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Vlatko Vedral wanders the world wondering about how Quantum Mechanics can, and he seems to think it will, crack the fundamental gaps in our understanding of the universe. The main fundamental gaps have one main feature—they are gaps between the understanding of the individual unit and the collective unit, or the small and big, within and between the natural and social sciences. Though Vedral does not precisely identify the key to closing the gaps in our understanding of the universe for us, he focuses on the area where we can find the key—as if we were in a big computer-simulated adventure game. We know that there are multi-levels, each requiring us to solve a puzzle to jump from the lower to the higher level, until we get to the highest level, where we will find the ultimate key to unlocking the mystery of all. That is the prize. This analogy can lead one to focusing on a reading of Vedral’s book, where the mystery of the gaps among the various micro-levels and macro-levels can be...


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