Epistemology from a Global Perspective

Mizumoto, M., Stich, S. P, & McCready, E. (Eds.). (2018). Epistemology for the Rest of the World. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 320 pp., ISBN: 9780190865085, £55.00 (Hardback)
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Epistemology for the Rest of the World is a book with a mission. As Stich and Mizumoto emphasize in the opening manifesto of the volume, epistemologists commonly rely on features “of ‘our language’ and ‘our language’ was almost always English” (ix). From a methodological perspective, this narrow focus on English raises important questions about the prospects of doing epistemology through the contingent lens of one particular language. Both the title of the volume and the manifesto express the ambition to broaden the linguistic lens of epistemology and thereby contribute to a debate that more adequately reflects the concerns of the “rest of the world”.

As Stich and Mizumoto’s manifesto acknowledges, however, the urgency of cross-linguistic research in epistemology depends on the scope of global variability of epistemological concepts and practices. If the concept knowledgeremains stable across diverse languages, for example, it may be perfectly legitimate to focus on the English word...


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