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Rhetorical, Narrative, Cognitive, and Epistemological Perspectives on Science and Culture

Kris Rutten, Stefaan Blancke, Ronald Soetaert, Eds. (2018) Perspectives on Science and Culture. Purdue University Press, West Lafayette/IN. ISBN: 978-1-55753-797-3, 308 Pages, Price: $45.00 (Paperback)
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The diverse and interdisciplinary approaches gathered in Kris Rutten, Stefaan Blancke, and Ronald Soetaert’s edited volume Perspectives on Science and Culturecalmly and measuredly investigate the continuities and discontinuities between scientific understanding and cultural representation. The book thus constitutes a welcome addition to an academic terrain that has been occupied by positions as diverse as—in the disparaging characterization by the respective detractors—“crypto-positivism” or “scientism” (ranging over empiricism, naturalism, scientific realism, and rationalism), and the “politically correct” “academic left” (comprising postmodernism, poststructuralism, constructionism, radical sociology, and the like), a terrain that has, unsurprisingly, been marked by vociferous disputation and substantial acrimony. The book provides fresh insights into the so-called “science wars,” exploring the tensions between what C.P. Snow has referred to as the “two cultures,”...


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