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Sounding the Call for External Validity in Decision Neuroscience

Gabriel José Corrêa Mograbi and Carlos Eduardo Batista de Sousa (2015) Decision-Making Experiments Under Philosophical Analysis: Human Choice as a Challenge for Neuroscience. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Lausanne. ISBN: 978-2-88919-668-5, 123 pages, price: $0.00
  • Andrew Bollhagen
  • John Bickle
Book Review

This volume is a collection of articles, an e-book drawn from a Research Topic published originally in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience. Frontiers Media has been publishing open access academic, mostly scientific journals since 2007. It touts its journals as fully peer-reviewed. In October 2016, it self-reported publishing 57 journals, 19 with impact factors. The company has not been free from controversy, most notably its inclusion in 2015 on University of Colorado, Denver academic librarian Jeffrey Beall’s list of “potential, possible or probable predatory” open access publishers. This controversy and others have been discussed extensively on social media. We leave readers to draw their own judgments (though we disclose that one of us, Bickle, is currently a Review Editor for one Frontiers journal and published an article in 2016 in another).

The editors of this Research Topic and subsequent e-book encouraged contributors to “deeply analyze neuroscientific experiments in both...


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