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Robert E. Kohler: All Creatures. Naturalists, Collectors, and Biodiversity, 1850–1950

Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 08540. ISBN: 0-691-12539-2. 380 pp, price: $45.00
  • Paul Lawrence Farber
Book Review

Environmental science and biodiversity are topics of considerable interest in the life sciences community, and they are subjects that have importance in the biological curriculum. A substantial literature on the history of environmental science is available to instructors, however on the topic of the history of biodiversity less appears to exist. In part this is an artifact of language; “biodiversity” as a scientific term is of very recent usage—becoming popular only in the 1980s and associated with the writings of E.O. Wilson. Those searching for material on the historical development of our knowledge of the planet’s forms of life, their distribution and relationship to the environment, can avail themselves of the substantial literature on the history of natural history and closely related subfields like the history of ecology. Robert Kohler, a distinguished historian of the life sciences who has written important books on a range of subjects (the rise of biochemistry as a...

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