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Andre Koch Torres Assis (2010) The Experimental and Historical Foundations of Electricity

C. Roy Keys Inc., Montreal and Quebec Canada, ISBN 978-0-9864926-3-1, 268 pages, price: $20.00
  • Jenaro GuisasolaEmail author
Book Review

Science Education studies consistely show students’ learning difficulties in the different fields of Physics. Yet teachers have found that Electricity usually presents an even greater challenge in teaching than Mechanics due to the increased difficulty of reproducing electrical phenomena in the classroom. They argue that students in the classroom can easily observe mechanical phenomena, but the same is not true with electrical. This usually leads to a more “theoretical” style of teaching electricity, where the microscopic model of electric charge is not usually supported by experimental evidence on a macroscopic level. Andre Koch Torres’ book aims to fulfill the teaching profession’s vital need for tools to teach electricity to different levels of learning.

The book is conceptually and historically ordered to present the basic phenomena of electricity through simple experiments performed with low cost materials. The experiments are presented in such a way as to motivate and stimulate...

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