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Stathis Psillos and Martin Curd (eds): The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science

Routledge, Abingdon and New York, 2008, ISBN13: 978-0-415-35403-5, xvii + 619 pp, $200.00
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This is a very impressive collection. Editors Stathis Psillos and Martin Curd have assembled a distinguished group of authors; the 55 chapters, though individually relatively brief, cover the field with sophistication and depth. As a whole, the volume provides a highly informative snapshot of the current state of philosophy of science.

Overview of Contents

The book is divided into four parts. Part I, ‘Historical and philosophical context’, includes nine chapters: ‘The epistemology of science after Quine’ by Paul A. Roth, ‘The history of philosophy and the philosophy of science’ by Joanne Waugh and Roger Ariew, ‘Metaphysics’ by Stephen Mumford, ‘Philosophy of language’ by Rod Bertolet, ‘The role of logic in philosophy of science’ by Diderik Batens, ‘Critical rationalism’ by Gürol Irzik, ‘The historical turn in the philosophy of science’ by Alexander Bird, ‘Logical empiricism’ by Thomas Uebel, and ‘Pragmatism and science’ by Robert Almeder. As a group, these chapters do a...

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