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Jim Endersby (ed): Charles Darwin: On the Origin of Species

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2009, ISBN-13: 9780521867092, 520 pages, price: £70.00
  • Kostas Kampourakis
Book Review


The year 2009 was a double Darwin anniversary: 200 years from his birth and 150 year from the publication of his well-known book entitled On the Origin of Species (hereafter Origin). Numerous publications and conferences around the world made sure that even those who had never heard of Darwin eventually came to know something about him and his famous book. The Origin is a book that many people are aware of; it has determined opponents and proponents who always have something to say about it. However, one wonders: have they ALL read it? I am afraid that the answer would be no. This is a point made very early in the introduction by Jim Endersby, the editor of the Cambridge University Press anniversary edition of the Origin, and a lecturer in British History at the University of Sussex: “It is one of those books whose controversial reputation ensures that many who have never read it nevertheless have an opinion about it” (p. ix).

Unfortunately, even today many people reject...


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