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Hellenic Studies in History, Philosophy of Science and Science Teaching: New Perspectives

  • Constantine D. SkordoulisEmail author

This volume contains selected papers from the Third Hellenic Conference on “History, Philosophy of Science and Science Teaching” which was held in the central Amphitheatre of the National Hellenic Research Foundation September 19–22, 2005. The Conference was endorsed by the Hellenic Physical Society and was organized jointly by the Department of Education, University of Athens, and by the Program “History and Philosophy of Science” of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. International speakers were Fabio Bevilacqua and Michael Matthews, while invited speakers from Greek universities were: Stathis Psillos (Philosophy of Science, University of Athens), Efthymios Papademitriou (Philosophy of Nature, University of Ioannina), Menelaos Gkivalos (Epistemology, University of Athens) and Theodoros Christides (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Thessaly).

The year 2005 was celebrated worldwide as the centennial anniversary of the “annus mirabilis” 1905, the year of...


Educational Theory Realist Interpretation Balkan Region Annual Workshop Radical Perspective 
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