Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 61, Issue 6, pp 1079–1092 | Cite as

Qualitative and Numerical Analysis of a Cosmological Model Based on an Asymmetric Scalar Doublet with Minimal Couplings. I. Qualitative Analysis of the Model

  • Yu. G. Ignat’ev
  • I. A. Kokh

A qualitative analysis of a cosmological model based on the asymmetric scalar doublet classical + phantom scalar field with minimal interaction is performed. It is shown that depending on the parameters of the model, the corresponding dynamical system can have 1, 3, or 9 stationary points corresponding to attractive or repulsive centers (1–5) and saddle points (0–4). A physical analysis of the model is performed.


cosmological model asymmetric scalar doublet qualitative analysis 


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Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.N. I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Kazan Federal UniversityKazanRussia

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