Structures and electronic and magnetic properties of the 3d transition metal-substituted TMC5N8 clusters

  • Zhi LiEmail author
  • Zhen Zhao
  • Zhong-suo Liu
  • Hong-bin Wang
  • Qi Wang


The structures and electronic and spin properties of the 3d TMC5N8 clusters have been calculated using the PBE functional. The results demonstrate that the Zn atom substituting significantly distorts the C6N8 clusters. TM atoms prefer to substitute the C atom which is farthest away from the biasing N atom. The TM substituting dramatically reduces the structural stability of the C6N8 clusters except for ScC5N8, TiC5N8 and VC5N8. As for the ground-state TMC5N8 clusters, the TM substituting improves the kinetic stability of the C6N8 clusters except for Ti, Cr and Cu. TM atoms in the TMC5N8 clusters loss certain amount of electrons. A few 4s orbital electrons of TM atoms transferred to the N atoms in the TMC5N8 clusters. The maximum spin values of the TM atoms occur at Mn and Ni for the TMC5N8 clusters.


C3N4 clusters Density functional theory Electronic properties Magnetic properties 



We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Key Fund Project of the National Science Foundation, People’s Republic of China (Grant No. 51634004), the National Natural Science Foundation, People’s Republic of China (Grant Nos. 51704149 and 51874172), the Doctoral Scientific Research Foundation of Liaoning Province (Grant No. 20180551213), Key Laboratory of Chemical Metallurgy Engineering Liaoning Province, University of Science and Technology LiaoNing (Grant No. USTLKFSY201711) and the Fund Project of University of Science and Technology Liaoning (Grant No. 2017YY02).


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  1. 1.School of Materials and MetallurgyUniversity of Science and Technology LiaoningAnshanPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.School of Chemistry and Life ScienceAnshan Normal UniversityAnshanPeople’s Republic of China

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