Imin-based synthesis of polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles catalyzed by glycine amino acid via tandem Michael–Mannich cyclocondensation reaction under ambient temperature

  • Farzaneh MohamadpourEmail author


An efficient and mild synthetic route to the convenient one-pot preparation of polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles has been developed and catalyzed via glycine amino acid as a natural bio-based and biodegradable catalyst using imin-based four condensation domino reaction of amines, dialkyl acetylenedicarboxylates and formaldehyde via tandem Michael–Mannich cyclocondensation reaction under ambient temperature. The reactions complete in less time, but the products are obtained in outstanding yields. This environmentally friendly method includes the noticeable properties such as bio-based and green catalyst, direct workup without column chromatographic separation, cost-effective, mild and simple synthesis, one-pot procedure and high atom economy.


Polyfunctionalized dihydro-2-oxypyrroles Glycine amino acid Naturally bio-based and biodegradable catalyst High atom economy Imin-based synthesis 



We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Research council of the Apadana Institute of Higher Education.

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