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Synthesis of benzimidazole and quinoxaline derivatives using reusable sulfonated rice husk ash (RHA-SO3H) as a green and efficient solid acid catalyst



In this work, a simple, rapid and efficient method for the preparation of benzimidazoles and quinoxalines from the condensation of o-phenylene diamines with aldehydes and/or 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds in the presence of sulfonated rice husk ash (RHA-SO3H) as an efficient green catalyst is reported. RHA-SO3H can be easily prepared using a readily available organic compound by simple modification of rice husk ash. All reactions are performed under mild reaction conditions with high to excellent yields. The method is applicable to aromatic, unsaturated and hetero aromatic aldehydes. The advantages of this method are short reaction times, milder conditions, easy work-up, solvent-free conditions and catalyst reusability.


Sulfonated rice husk ash Benzimidazoles Quinoxalinesis Reusable catalyst Solvent-free conditions 


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