Teacher and librarian partnerships in literacy education in the 21st century

Edited by Joron Pihl, Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij and Tone Cecilie Carlsten. Rotterdam, Sense Publishers, 2017, 152 pp. New Research – New Voices series, vol. 6. ISBN 978-946-3008-98-3 (hbk), ISBN 978-946-3008-97-6 (pbk), 978-946-3008-99-0 (eBook)
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This volume brings together leading scholars and case studies from Sweden, Norway and the UK, highlighting the positive impact of teacher and librarian partnerships on literacy development of students by enhancing their reading and lifelong literacy skills. As is explained in the Acknowledgements section at the beginning of the book, the chapters originated as papers prepared for “a symposium entitled School and Library Partnership: Challenges within Literacy Education” (p. vii), which had been organised by two of the editors, Joron Pihl and Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij, at the 2014 Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) conference.

Based on the contributing authors’ educational and interdisciplinary research in this area, they apply sociocultural and intercultural theory and treat literacy as a social practice rather than a technical skill to be learned in formal education. This is in line with the New Literacy Studies that are presented as a theoretical framework in chapter...


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