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Comparative education: The construction of a field

By Maria Manzon. Comparative Education Research Centre, Hong Kong, and Springer, Dordrecht, 2011, 313 pp. CERC Studies in Comparative Education series, vol. 29. ISBN 978-94-007-1929-3 (hbk); ISBN 978-988-17852-6-8 (pbk); 978-94-007-1930-9 (e-book)
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Book Review

This book is a kinder and more complete analysis of the history and culture of Comparative Education (CE) than any which have been attempted before. This is already a new approach, but what makes this book particularly outstanding is that it also demonstrates the construction process of history and culture, of academic fields and disciplines. The author understands history as being a combination of many forces, not least those of desire and the deployment of power between people and the spaces they occupy. This approach, in conceptualising the questions of theory, identity, history, culture and therefore futures as an interdependent mesh of movements, is so far unique in CE literature. Manzon’s book could, arguably, become a blueprint for the analysis of educational fields and disciplines as far as they are connected to the creation and communication of knowledge in society. In drawing out this movement, Manzon presents CE as a responsivefield of education studies. The book leaves...

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