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Joseph Fishkin: Bottlenecks—A New Theory of Equality of Opportunity

Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 2014, 288 pp
  • Andreas AlbertsenEmail author

Equality of opportunity, once a rather peripheral idea in debates over distributive justice, is receiving increased attention. In his recent book, Bottlenecks: A New Theory of Equality of Opportunity, Joseph Fishkin takes on the task of proposing ‘a new way of thinking about equal opportunity and about the myriad of questions in law, public policy, and institutional design that center on notions of equal opportunity’ (1). For two reasons this is a quite ambitious task. One is that the literature on equal opportunity is now vast, which makes it hard to flesh out a novel contribution and relate it to existing positions. The other is that the idea of equality of opportunity seems relevant in so many different and diverse areas that discussing specific applications will almost always result in important areas being left out or not given sufficient attention. However, in pursuing his aim, Fishkin delivers an interesting account.

Fishkin states that opportunities are important because of...


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