Potential of plant as a biological factory to synthesize gold and silver nanoparticles and their applications

  • Pei Pei Gan
  • Sam Fong Yau LiEmail author
Review Paper


Green synthesis of metallic nanoparticles has become a promising field of research in recent years. Syntheses of gold and silver nanoparticles by various chemical and physical methods as well as the biosynthetic approach mediated by numerous microorganisms have been actively researched. A more scalable and economic route to produce these metallic nanoparticles would be through the plant-mediated synthetic approach. Owing to the biodiversity of plant biomasses, the mechanism by which bioconstituents of plants have contributed to the synthetic process is yet to be fully understood. Nevertheless, the feasibility of controlling the shape and size of nanoparticles by varying the reaction conditions has been demonstrated in many studies. This paper provides an overview of the plant-mediated syntheses of gold and silver nanoparticles, possible compounds and mechanisms that might be responsible for the bioreduction process as well as the potential applications of biosynthesized nanoparticles in different fields. The challenges and limitations of this plant-mediated biosynthetic approach are also discussed.


Biosynthesis Plant-mediated Nanoparticles Gold Silver 



We acknowledge financial support from the National University of Singapore, National Research Foundation and Economic Development Board (SPORE, COY-15-EWI-RCFSA/N197-1), and Ministry of Education (R-143-000-441-112).


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