Oral microbiota-induced periodontitis: a new risk factor of metabolic diseases

  • Matthieu Minty
  • Thibault Canceil
  • Matteo Serino
  • Remy Burcelin
  • François Tercé
  • Vincent Blasco-BaqueEmail author


It has recently become evident that the periodontium (gingiva, desmodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone) and the associated microbiota play a pivotal role in regulating human health and diseases. The oral cavity is the second largest microbiota in the body with around 500 different bacterial species identified today. When disruption of oral cavity and dysbiosis occur, the proportion of strict anaerobic Gram-negative bacteria is then increased. Patients with periodontitis present 27 to 53% more risk to develop diabetes than the control population suggesting that periodontitis is an aggravating factor in the incidence of diabetes. Moreover, dysbiosis of oral microbiota is involved in both periodontal and metabolic disorders (cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidaemia …). The oral diabetic dysbiosis is characterized by a specific bacteria Porphyromonas, which is highly expressed in periodontal diseases and could exacerbate insulin resistance. In this review, we will address the nature of the oral microbiota and how it affects systemic pathologies with a bidirectional interaction. We also propose that using prebiotics like Akkermansia muciniphila may influence oral microbiota as novel therapeutic strategies. The discovery of the implication of oral microbiota for the control of metabolic diseases could be a new way for personalized medicine.


Oral microbiota Periodontitis Metabolic diseases Dysbiosis 


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